Top 5 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit and How to Consume it

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Dragon fruit is a type of plant derived from cactus. It just began to be cultivated in Indonesia in the 2000s. In fact, this plant is well-suited to be cultivated in Indonesia which has tropical climate. It can grow in areas with temperatures of 26-36 degrees Celsius.

Some types of dragon fruit that are currently widely cultivated in Indonesia are:

  • Hylocereus Undatus. This is a type of dragon fruit which has red skin and white flesh.
  • Hylocereus Polyrhizus, this type has a pink outer skin color and red flesh.
  • Hylocereus Coshicensis, which is no different from the Hylocereus Polyrhizus type. The slight difference appears in the color of the flesh of the fruit which looks darker, sometimes purple, so it is usually called the purple dragon fruit.
Dragon fruit is believed to have various health benefits.

Actually there is one more type of dragon fruit called Hylocereus Megelanthus, but this typical fruit is rarely cultivated in Indonesia. This type of dragon fruit is different from the other three types, because the type of Hylocereus Megelanthus has a yellow outer skin, a rather oval shaped fruit and white flesh color. After knowing the various types of dragon fruit, it would be better if we know the miraculous benefits of dragon fruit for health as well.

Benefits of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit contains nutrients such as: minerals, hemoglobin, vit A, vit C, vit b, folate, pottasium, fiber, antioxidants and many more. Of the various nutrients, the benefits can be obtained after consuming the fruit regularly. The followings are various benefits of dragon fruit that we should know.

1. As an Antioxidant

With a high antioxidant content in a dragon fruit, especially the typical of red and purple dragon fruit, it is able to ward off free radicals that penetrate our bodies. In addition, antioxidants can also increase the number of platelets in the blood and it is very suitable to patients with DHF to help their platelets rise.

2. To Lose Weight

Everyone wants an ideal body, especially women, and they could tell that one of the ways to get the ideal body is by doing a carbohydrate diet. However, a carbohydrate diet itself can sometimes torture the stomach because you will definitely reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed. A lot of people think that to get slim quickly they have to stop eating or they only eat once a day. That kind of method is not really effective to be exact. Then how to diet without reducing carbohydrates and protein but not easily get hungry? It’s easy, just by reducing the daily portion of carbohydrates, but note it, you should consume fruits as well. Dragon fruit is one of the recommended fruits consumed while undergoing a diet program. With a fiber content and low calories, this fruit can control your appetite and launch a bowel movement so that it can help you lose weight.

3. To Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a disease that affects many people. Unhealthy and unbalanced dietary habit makes this disease potentially attack anyone, either young or elderly. One of the benefits of a dragon fruit is that it can help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. By consuming this fruit and reducing eating fatty foods, we can simply prevent and reduce cholesterol.

Anyway, did you know that a dragon fruit has a number of benefits for pregnant women too? For instance:

4. To Launch a Bowel Movement

Generally, pregnant women often experience a constipation or bowel movements difficulties. The fiber content in a dragon fruit can help overcome it just by consuming the fruit at least 300 gr per day.

5. To Fulfll the Iron Needs

Iron is potentially needed for pregnant women. To prevent them from anemia, pregnant women must meet their daily iron needs of around 27mg. Besides having to eat other nutritious foods, they should also consume dragon fruit as an iron-enhancing snack. This can prevent the birth of a baby in a premature condition.

Dragon fruits can be consumed by eating the meat or making them into smoothies, juices, or salad.

Dragon fruit can be consumed by peeling and cutting the meat then we just eat it right away. However there are several other way to enjoy this fruit, such as making it into juices, smoothies, fruit ice and fruit salads. Note it, you would probably need to add some other fruits, some honey, yogurt, and chia seeds as a complement and to make it more tasty and yummy!



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