Hair Loss Problem, Causes and Amazing Treatments for Prevention

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Hair loss is one of the problems related to one’s appearance as everyone knows that hair is the important part of a person’s appearance. Even it becomes the most noticeable part of our entire look. With a good and healthy hair, you will feel confident and comfortable. There are a lot beauty products specifically created to treat hair such as shampoo, hair tonic, hair mask, conditioner and vitamins. Having a natural black and thick hair is what everyone wants. However, there are always problems that arise when we want to keep our hair healthy and beautiful. One of the problems is hair loss.

It is normal when you see a large number of hair in the drain or clumps of hair in your brush after washing your hair. So, this hair loss is not physically harmful.

Everyone must have experienced hair loss problem in their life. In some cases, hair loss is still said to be normal if it is about 50 to 100 strands falling per day. It is considered reasonable because there are exactly certain parts of hair that die and will be replaced by new follicle cells.

Hair Loss Causes

It is a normal thing that you find some strands of hair off the scalp while combing it. However, if there are over 100 strands of hair released per day, then it can be assumed that you experience hair loss problem. Hair loss is caused by several things such as diet changes, strict diet, stress, drug use, age, hormonal factors, and lifestyle changes.

In medical terms, hair loss is called telogen alopecia which can occur not only in men but also women. If the hair loss happens due to stress or the use of drugs such as birth control pills and vitamin A in high doses, the hair will return to normal after 3-6 months.

Everyone can experience hair loss but it happens more commonly in men.

Excessive hair loss causes hair to fall off not only one particular area but also all parts of the head. This absolutely makes the overall hair on the scalp look thinner. At this rate, you should take it seriously otherwise it will worsen your appearance. You do not want this happen to you, do you?

You can consult with a dermatologist to deal with this hair loss problem. Everyone has a different metabolism and reaction to the factors that cause hair loss. You can ask your doctor anything about it and get a solution to your problem.

Hair Loss Prevention

Prevention is certainly better than cure. You can prevent this excessive hair loss by doing these simple things at home every day;

One of the hair loss prevention is that you decrease the use of a hair dryer.

1. Do a proper diet during a weight loss program

Some hair loss cases happen because of a sudden loss of nutrition in food intake due to undergoing a weight loss program. For your information, losing more than 9 kg in one month can cause hair loss. Can you believe that?

2. Do not use a hair dryer or vice very often

A hair dryer and a vice are somewhat necessary in a certain situation, particularly women’s stuff. Women need these tools more than men as they are considering more detailed appearance including hair. However, using hair dryer or vice very often can eventually damage your hair. So, you need to decrease the use of those tools on your hair. Moreover, changing your hair color too frequently also has the same consequences.

3. Untie your hair and let it breathe

Women with long hair tend to tie them when it comes to busy activities like works, school, house chores, etc. However, you should never forget to untie your hair when you are no longer in a hustle and bustle. Let your hair breathe freely while you are at home and relax.

4. Do not comb your hair roughly

When you have your hair wet or messy, you must need to comb it immediately. Comb your hair gently and not roughly to avoid hair loss.

5. Use good hair treatment products

Use hair treatment products properly to support hair loss prevention. Choose products which is according to your scalp type.

Beautiful, thick and healthy hair can make you look gorgeous and perfect. In addition, to get a beautiful skin you may also do some skin treatments to support your look. Follow those tips and keep your hair health and natural. In that way, you will be decreasing hair loss problems including the causes and you will find it confident to have a healthy gorgeous hair.



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