Benefits of Mineral Water for Health

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Mineral water is one of the essential needs for our body which functions to relieve thirst especially in a hot weather and it has a lot of health benefits. We can find mineral water in various places such as houses, stalls, stores, affordable restaurants, and even in fancy restaurants. However, do you even know what good mineral water is like? A good mineral water is one that has been boiled up to 100°C in order to omit the harmful bacteria contained in the water. Moreover, it should be tasteless, odorless, colorless, and far from harmful microorganisms and heavy metals.

Drinking mineral water regularly can keep your body healthy.

There are plenty of factories that produce mineral water and sell them to stores, mini markets, restaurants, etc in the form of plastic bottle and plastic glass packaging. Of course, that is to make it easier for humans to consume this essential need. A good package of mineral water should not be exposed to heat directly in a long time because it can reduce the quality of the water and the plastic compound from the bottle can dissolve into the water. One of the causes that makes mineral water happens to be like that is leaving it in a car. A bottle of mineral water which has been exposed to sunlight for a long time should be avoided since it affects the colour and the taste of the water which becomes slightly acidic. Therefore, you should first check the expiration date before buying a bottled mineral water.

Mineral water prevents human from dehydration

Mineral water is has got a number of benefits for our body inasmuch as 70% of human body composition consists of fluid. In addition to saving humans from thirst and dehydration, mineral water is also beneficial for controlling human body temperature. Basically, normal adults’ body temperature is between 36.5°C to 37.5°C, children’s is 36.3 ° C to 37.7 ° C, and infant is 36.1 ° C to 37.7 ° C.

Mineral water as a cleanser

Mineral water has an important role as a cleanser, which means that it can clean dirt and toxins in the body. Drinking lots of water is absolutely effective to remove and clean toxins in the blood through sweat and urine. There is a few tips for you, if you happen to feel hungry, it’s better not to eat right away. Instead, you should drink a glass of water first before having your meal. This can reduce your hunger and you will not feel like starving.

Mineral water helps build concentration

Anyway, do you ever feel like losing concentration at work, at college, or at any activity? In that case, mineral water is very helpful to build the concentration and the smoothness of the nervous system in the brain. This is usually experienced by most of employees who spend most of the day in front of computers in an air-conditioned room and those people have to drink lots of water regularly to relieve and stabilize the kidney work system. Not enough drinking water will lead you into a risk of kidney stone. Furthermore, lacking of drinking water will cause dehydration, lack of focus, dry skin, and irritability.

The benefits of drinking water include weight loss, digestion, brain, skin, headache cure, energy, and exercise.
Silhouette of body woman drinking water from bottle flow into stomach. This illustration about benefit of drinking water.

Drinking enough water is also an effective way to improve the human circulatory system. Therefore, you need to fulfill the needs of water in your body for good sake. Everyone has different needs of water and it depends on the body weight.

How to calculate the need of water per day? It is 7% multiplied by your body weight (kg). For example, a person’s body weight is 51kg, then it will be 7% x 51kg = 3,57. According to the calculation, it can be concluded that the amount of water that the person should drink a day is at least 4 liters. Drinking water regularly everyday can also be a natural diet for those who want to lose weight. The best timing of drinking water is when you wake up in the morning, 30 minutes before lunch, and before going to bed. The rest can be consumed when you feel thirsty. Easy, isn’t it? Mineral water is something that has no calorie content so it is really suitable for those who are in a diet program. To succeed this kind of diet, what you consume everyday must also be controlled. Do not snack too much and try to distinguish between your eating needs and your eating desires.

Mineral water helps lose weight

The benefits of drinking water before going to bed besides losing weight, it is also helpful to protect the body from dehydration, eliminate toxins, nourish the digestive system, eliminate stress, and reduce the causes of depression. And guess what? The color of urine can also detect the needs of fluids in your body, see the chart below.

What do you think? Well, that is all about the benefits of mineral water for health I could share to you. Meet the needs of mineral water for your body and stay healthy.



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