Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Human Body

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Moringa leaves, also known as moringa oleifera is a plant native to North India that is also found in other tropical and sub-tropical area such as Asia and Africa. It is believed to own several health benefits for a long time. When someone hears the term “moringa leaves“, what comes to mind is usually a picture of a pregnant and breastfeeding mother, and the smooth breast milk. Why is that? Ancient people believed that regular consumption of moringa leaves helped smooth breast milk. One of Hasanuddin University students’ research revealed that the extract of moringa oleifera in pregnant women can reduce stress and lower levels of DNA damage. In Asia and Africa, moringa leaves are recommended as a nutrient-rich supplement.

Moringa leaves have been used for centuries due to the extraordinary benefits for human body

Jakarta Institute of Agriculture Technology Study mentions Moringa as Mother’s Best Friend and Miracle Tree. Moringa leaves which are oval shaped with a flat edge contain a higher iron than other vegetables. Meanwhile, moringa seeds can be processed into flour or oil as raw material for drugs or cosmetics which are of high value.

Other research also found out that Moringa leaves contain a number of benefits. The high mineral content of Moringa leaves is very beneficial for health. One of them is the zinc mineral which is capable to heal wounds, maintain eye health, and treating facial skin.

Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves

The term Miracle Tree in Moringa is not a figment. Not only is Moringa leaves efficacious as a nutritional supplement, it is also able to help cure gout in painful joints. Here are myriad benefits of Moringa leaves for health and you will find it useful for pregnant women and toddlers too.

1. Moringa Leaves Help Overcome Anemia in Pregnant Women

Anemia happens when there is a decrease in the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood. The cause of anemia is due to lack of iron in the body. Pregnant women who have severe anemia are at risk of birth defects in the fetus which can cause death.

Pregnant women who consume Moringa leaves regularly can prevent and reduce the risk of anemia. 100g of Moringa leaves that contains iron is equivalent to 200g of fresh meat. The process is also easy, which can be either consumed as a vegetable or made like a pill.

2. Moringa Leaves Reduce Stress for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are very vulnerable to stress. If stress is allowed to drag on, it will have an impact on the health of the fetus. Babies will be born with a low weight to the risk of hypertension. For moms who are busy as carrier women, giving multivitamins during pregnancy is proven to reduce stress.

Moringa leaves contain micronutrients that can meet the body’s needs. The high nutritious content has benefits of a multivitamin so that it helps the body stay healthy and reduce stress hormones.

3. Moringa Leaves increase the amount of breast milk

Moringa leaves contain micronutrients needed by pregnant women such as thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), niacin (b3), calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin C. All these substances will be fulfilled by consuming Moringa leaves as a vegetable.

Breastfeeding mothers who regularly consume Moringa leaves will get the benefit of the increasing breast milk. That’s why Moringa leaves are also called Mother’s Best Friend.

4. Moringa Leaves Enhance Bone and Tooth Growth

The highest mineral content in Moringa leaves is calcium. 100g of Moringa leaves contain 603 mg of calcium. Calcium is a macro mineral that helps the growth of bones and teeth and blood formation. Therefore, Moringa leaves are very good for toddlers and children during infancy.

The need of calcium for the body is around 700-800 mg per day. High calcium levels in moringa leaves can meet the needs of calcium in the body. Calcium in moringa leaves is five times higher than in milk which is only 125 mg / g.

5. Moringa Leaves Improve Toddler Nutrition

The extract of moringa leaves can increase appetite in infants. Vitamin A, protein, and calcium in moringa leaves help meet the nutritional needs of toddler growth and development.

Toddlers who consume Moringa leaf powder can minimize and prevent the body’s nutritional deficiencies. In addition, antibiotics in Moringa leaves also trigger a better immune system.

6. Moringa Leaves Brighten the skin

The content of zinc on the leaves of Moringa can help maintain skin health. There is also vitamin C which is equivalent to 7 oranges, as well as vitamin E and protein which is equivalent to 2 yogurt. All of those ingredients might help brighten your dull facial skin. How to use Moringa leaves as a mask? Well, it can be crushed or powdered. Mix with enough cold water. Apply to your face for about 15-20 minutes.

 Moringa leaves are safe to be consumed regularly.

7. Detoxification to prevent other skin problems

Moringa leaves have nutrients that help meet the body’s needs such as phosphorus and sulfur which helps detoxification. The efficacy of detoxification helps prevent the appearance of acne and other skin problems.

8. Moringa Leaves Overcome Dry Skin

Dry skin occurs due to lack of vitamin B2 intake. Moringa leaves contain B2 which can moisturize the skin. Consume it regularly so that the skin stays moisturized. In addition, anti-oxidants from Moringa leaves can protect the skin from radiation and oxidation so that the skin remains beautiful and healthy. You might also need to know the steps to get a healthy clean face skin.

9. Moringa Leaves help Lose Weight

Regularly consuming Moringa leaves every day can stimulate and facilitate metabolism in the body. A smooth metabolism will accelerate the burning of calories making it easier to lose weight. Speaking of losing weight, you might want to know some natural diet programs you can do to lose weight.

10. Moringa Leaves Treat Gout

As previously mentioned, Moringa leaves contain a high calcium. Calcium along with phosphorus helps reduce pain in the joints due to a buildup of uric acid. If you want maximum results, balance it with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

11. Moringa Leaves Treat Herpes or Ringworm

Herpes is a skin disease caused by a virus. The skin feels sore and there are a kind of red spots and pus. Macro minerals on moringa leaves can inhibit the growth of viruses and heal the skin. You do this by washing 3-7 Moringa leaf stalks and then crushed into powder and stick directly on the skin affected by herpes.

Moringa leaves are a good alternative to meet the needs of nutrition in the body.

Moringa leaves are a tropical plant that can be found in various regions of Indonesia. Besides the leaves, all parts of the Moringa plant has extraordinary benefits. In addition to the plants that are easy to find, the price is also cheap so it becomes a good alternative to meet the needs of nutrition in the body. The taste of the raw leaves is bitter but not poisonous. Instead, it contains properties for pregnant women to toddlers. The high content of micro and macro minerals are also efficacious to cure various diseases and beautify skin. That is all about the extraordinary benefits of Moringa leaves I can share. Stay healthy and have a good day.



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