Health Benefits of Consuming Noni Fruit and How to tell if it is Good

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Many people do not really know about the Noni fruit. The unpleasant aroma makes people think that this fruit is not safe to consume. In fact, noni fruit contains several benefits. Its high antioxidant content and complete nutrition is very good to meet the body’s needs. In addition, this fruit also has anti-cancer substances that are very effective to fight cancer cells.

In Indonesia, noni fruit is also known as “pace”. This fruit is pale white or slightly yellow when it is fully ripe. The flesh of the fruit is also white and contains a lot of scented water like rotten cheese. The unpleasant aroma is caused by mixing substances in the form of capric acid, caproic acid, and caprylic acid. These three substances are antioxidants that have healthful properties for the body.

Noni fruit's high antioxidant content and nutrition is very good to meet human body's needs.

Benefits of noni fruits

The efficacy of noni is no doubt. Here are 10 benefits of noni that are good for health, followed by how to process them into a good drink for consumption.

  1. Lower risk of gout
  2. Treating sore throat
  3. Boosts immunity
  4. Reducing cholesterol
  5. Lowering blood sugar
  6. Prevent cancer
  7. Smoothing digestion
  8. Treat infections
  9. Improve skin quality
  10. Reduces hypertension

How to process the Noni fruit into a delicious and not bitter drink

Actually, the color of noni is very tempting as if it can drive thirst away. However, the unpleasant aroma and bitter taste makes people reluctant to consume it.

The taste of noni fruit tends to be bitter but there are some surefire tricks to make it sweet and delicious. Here are three delicious noni processing you can try.

1. Noni Fermentation reduce the bitter taste and odor

This kind of processing can reduce the bitter taste and odour. First, prepare a jar that has been sterilized with hot water the brown sugar and honey. Clean 3-5 noni fruit then blend. Mix all three ingredients until evenly distributed.

Put the mixture into a jar then store for 2-4 days. The process of fermentation will occur during storage. Components that cause odor will break down so that the odor will be reduced.

2. Noni and Spice Mixed Juice

Juice is a well-known processed beverage in the community. Not only can melons and avocados be made juice, noni fruit can also be processed by juicing. To get a sweet and delicious taste, add other fruits such as apples, oranges, pineapples, carrots, or lime juice. Add water and sugar or honey then blend them. If you prefer cold drinks, add some ice cubes.

Health benefits of noni juice are to lower risk of gout, prevent cancer, reduce hypertension, boost immunity, and improve skin quality.

3. Noni Coffee tastes delicious

This drink is very popular in the Madura region because it tastes good and delicious. Noni coffee does not contain caffeine because the ingredients are only noni fruit and its leaves. The processing method is also quite easy. Prepare the ripe noni fruit, cut into small pieces then dry it under the sun until it turns into dry black.

Next, prepare the noni leaves and slice it into small pieces. Roast the dried fruit with the sliced leaves for 15 minutes over low heat. Then mash or grind until smooth. Noni coffee powder is ready to be brewed. Serve with hot water and sugar to make it more delicious.

How to tell if the Noni fruit is good

According to The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture research, a good noni fruit has the following characteristics:

  • Elongated in size about 3 cm in diameter.
  • The color of the seeds is blackish brown
  • Tends to taste sweet and slightly bitter
  • The number of seeds is small
  • Has a pale white skin and still fresh

A good noni fruit is the one that is perfectly ripe. The flesh of the fruit is runny like jelly. The most important thing in choosing noni fruit is distinguishing the smell of rotten odor and the original aroma of noni. Noni fresh smells like goats. If there is a rotten aroma, it means that the fruit is no longer suitable for consumption.

Noni fruit does have benefits for the body. But you need to pay attention to the consumption dosage so that the properties function properly. A good dose for adults is around 25 ml per day. Can be consumed before eating or only in the morning.

In addition to paying attention to the right dosage, you need to know the side effects of consuming noni fruit such as diarrhea or mild headaches. Everyone has different effects depending on the condition and metabolism of the body.



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