Carbs in Beef, Eating More Beef Means Excessive Carbs

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When we to talk about beef, it’s considered as the most-preferred daily meal for people to eat. It’s mostly found and applied on every single food portion such as soup, curries, and complementary for fast food sold on franchise companies we can find in present such as burgers. Concerning its gummy texture, it’s also formable to make many kinds of menu such as meatballs, pasta seasonings and spices, and so on.

Beefs contain nutrients that can help the metabolism of your bodies. And the main of them is proteins can strengthen the antibody to defend them from any diseases infection, also can help produce body tissues and maintain them. On the other side, beefs also contain carbohydrates as energy reserves that help you in your daily activities. Even if you don’t have time to consume any meals for breakfast in the morning, considering you have drunk at least a glass of water.

But the benefits of carb in beef doesn’t come alone. The word “more is better than less” isn’t definitely right, where there is an excessive amount of carbs found in beefs. These hazardous situation may let people approach to death.

Many doctors who has identified and come up with autopsies found that the death is mostly caused by obesity and extremely high percentage of carbs in corpses’ bodies. Well, it’s not that all beefs are good. There are so much to considerate, begin with the way they’re extracted from animals, the way they’re cooked, and where they’re served.

In accordance with this fact, we’ll see the true reason why people tend to be vegetarians. They prefer consume vegetables instead of meats. They believe that the vegetables own more shown good impacts than the meats do.

Despite of what good nutrients the beefs contain, beefs always in accompanying with bad effects which we should concern. Therefore, we will describe the carbs contained in beefs which consist of many varieties. First of all, let us tell you the truth of carbs in beef.

How Much Carbs Does Beef Consist Of?

The containing of carbs per 100 g of beef ranges from 9.27 g to 0.07 g of carbs. It has different types. But the basic type of beef such as cured and dried beef would contain approximately 2,76 g of carbs.

Beside these basic types, there are also other types which contain different doses of carbs. And the detail of those type will be detailed below. At least, top eight products of beef contain high amount of carbs.

Which Beef Products That Contain Huge Carbohydrates Total?

1. Canned corned beef hash.

This type of the products is mostly sold in every butcheries and supermarkets. It’s utilized as common packed meals for direct consuming or indirect consuming, means it is eatable either it’s cooked or not. It usually contains 9.27g of carbs.

2. Thin-sliced beef

You will find this type of beef serving in Asian restaurants, where the slices are usually included in curries or soup. The contained carb in beef reaches 5,71 g in weight.

carbs in beef

3. Cooked and Pan-Fried Liver

Some people are disgusted when they think of this part of beef. No wonder for that it was the one of blood-producing sources. The carbs inside will be 5.16 g.

4. Cooked and Braised Liver

This doesn’t make any difference with upper type. The difference is only in lower amount of carbs it has. The total of carbs of this product reaches 5.13 g.

5. Raw Liver

Consuming raw beef or meats isn’t medically recommended or it might be inallowed by many doctors and health experts. But, it has less amount of carbs than upper types do which contains only 3.89 g.

6. Raw Tongue

Some people find this part of beef sort of delicious thing to eat. But, before consuming it, it will be better to cook first. Carbs in this product ranges from 3.68g.

7. Ripe cooked simmered beef

It’s the best way to make a healthy beef where we can ensure that it’s hygienic enough to taste. It contains 1.99 g of carbs.

8. Cured, Smoked, and Chopped Beef

These types are mostly sold and offered by vendors and they’re low-budget worth. The size of these types is usually small that they have 1.86 g of carbs in them.

Which Carbs Are Better? Pasta’s or Beef’s?

You might think that pasta is better and more healthy preferrable menu. But, guess what? It actually contains more carbs rather than carbs in beef does. Pasta has 25 g of carbs in every 100 g compared with beef that has only 2.76 g per its 100 g.

So, we can conclude that pasta has 22.24 g more than beef’s. And comparing with other types of beefs, pasta contain 15.73 g more. That is why enjoying beef in the morning for weight loss is still preferred by some people.

Which Part of Beef That Has Least Carbs and Fat?

If you’re keen not to leave consuming beef, here are the most recommended parts of beef you need no doubts to consume. Why? Because they don’t give you excessive doses of carbs or fat as the rest do.

You don’t have to identify specifically, just see whether it has white lines. According to the experts, these line show less carbs-containing of a beef.

1. Round slice

This kind of slice contains many proteins that can help you build your body. Therefore, it has less carbs. So, the best way to utilize this part is by making steak through braising method.

2. T-Bone

If someone asking the butcher for make a T-bone slice, means the butcher has to find the part where the bone’s shape is alike T alphabet. Beside of containing less carbs in beef, it also helps produce testosterone hormones that is good for men.

Well, eating beef isn’t definitely dangerous but it needs more discretion and attention to ensure that you have proportional amount of carbs to consume. If it is excessive, it will cause many diseases which some of them might be deathly. Good luck!



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