Five High-Carb Foods That Make You Healthy Everyday

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Carb is very important for our body, commonly known as part of macro-nutrition as well as protein and fat. Carb is needed by humans to be able to move optimally whenever needed; if a person doesn’t have enough carbs, it means he is malnourished. Rice is one of the foods with high-carb content; Made as a staple food in various countries around the world – including Indonesia.

Nowadays we can easily find high-carbohydrate foods on the carb food list and generally have affordable prices. However, a person can’t consume too much carbohydrate food, because it can also cause various diseases, such as (1) obesity, (2) heart disease, (3) cancer, (4) dementia, and (5) diabetes.

Why should we consume carbohydrates?

  1. The Main Energy Source of the Human Body

Carb will turn into energy for the body after going through several processes, such as mechanical processes in the mouth (like when someone chews rice or potatoes in his mouth), and also through chemical processes, such as with enzymes; which will turn carb into sugar, then it will go through a combustion process and produce energy that is used by the body for daily activities.

  1. Good for Your heart health

Several studies have shown that consuming 5 to 10 grams of fat (usually in oatmeal) can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol in the body. Of course, this will be very beneficial for those who are afraid of heart disease. However, keep in mind not to consume excessive carb. Why? Because excessive blood sugar and insulin can cause you to develop heart disease.

  1. Carb Can Improve Your Mood

A study from the Archives of Internal Medicine showing that people who consume it in the right amount can avoid depression and anxiety. Those who eat foods that only contain carb 20 to 40 grams per serving or the equivalent of half a cup of rice plus one sheet of bread.

  1. Sharpen Your Memory by Eating Carb-Food

A woman on a low-carb diet with the guidance of the ability to remember; results, this woman gets poor results; he forgets what he will do in the room (he forgets to compile until the room); unable to remember the location on a map. This is based on the American Dietetic Association Guidelines, from a study from Tufts University.

List of High-Carb Foods that Make Your Body Healthy

  1. Bananas

Not many people know, bananas contain a lot of pretty high protein. The fruit that comes from the Musaceae family holds a myriad of benefits for human health; energy sources; overcoming depression; weight control; improve your mood; Decreased blood pressure. All benefits are obtained thanks to the banana. The fruit, whose leaves are often used as a cake wrapper, has a carbohydrate content of 23% (in the form of sugar or starch).

Potassium (sodium), vitamin b6 (pyridoxine HCL), vitamin C (Acidum Ascorbicum) – are some of the important ones found in bananas, other than those consumed (nutrients and vitamins). The potassium content in supplements synergizes with high levels to improve heart health.

  1. Wheat

Some people are already familiar with this plant. Wheat is usually used as the main ingredient in the production of wheat flour, animal feed, and can also be processed into alcohol by fermentation. Some people in some countries use this plant as their main food (etc.) Wheat is one of several best foods on this carb food list.

2. Sweet Potatoes

Tubers are the most delicious part of sweet potatoes. From this plant, in some countries, such as Africa, sweet potato is a very important staple food – this is due to its high food composition, and its usefulness as an energy source. The study can be obtained from the Americas Continues Save a Myriad of Health Benefits for the Human Body.

a. lose weight;

b. avoid diabetes;

c. caring for the health of the digestive system;

d. avoid asthma;

e. improve heart health;

f. stabilize blood pressure;

g. prevent cancer.

 In the sweet potato, there is 18-21% consumption. This plant also contains provitamin A, vitamin C (Acidum Ascorbicum), potassium; There are enough antioxidants to prevent various diseases.

3. Oranges

Who would have thought, a fruit that is famous for its vitamin C, contain fairly high carb. Of all the elements found in oranges, 11.8% are carbohydrates; This fruit is also good for those of you who lack fiber. Oranges also have a myriad of benefits for the health of the human body.

  1. oranges are good in maintaining the health of your digestive tract, the fiber it has will help clean up the dirt in the large intestine, thus preventing infection;
  2. the content of vitamin C in oranges is effective for increasing the body’s immune, so you are not susceptible to disease. Besides, this fruit also contains polyphenols which function as antivirals; kill viruses that enter the body before they can cause infection;
  3. heart disease can be prevented by utilizing citrus fruits. Antioxidants contained in it can prevent the deposition of cholesterol in artery walls and limit blood flow to the heart.

5. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are included in the variety of beans, including the legume family. The small shape and similar to the kidney make it get a similar name, kidney beans. Some of the health benefits of these nuts:

 a. red beans can reduce levels of bad cholesterol in your body, prevent heart attacks due to LDL cholesterol which blocks blood vessels to the heart;

b. can control blood sugar levels in your body, by doing so, can prevent diabetes;

c. contain high antioxidants, so it can be useful as an antidote to free radicals;

d. it is also useful for making toxins that make it into your body.

 When cooked, red beans contain about 22.8% carbohydrate (in the form of starch and fiber). Kidney beans are rich in various elements that are beneficial to health, such as vitamins and minerals.

In the various foods above, which one do you think is best and suitable for eating? Remember, health is expensive. Therefore, it is better to take care of every food we eat to avoid various diseases; The carb food list above is a recommendation for those of you who want to achieve a healthy life with a high-carb menu.



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