Learn More about Carb in White Rice and Nutritional Facts of White Rice

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Carb in white rice information is needed for all of you who want to have a healthy lifestyle. In this modern era, people start to have a healthy lifestyle. They do diet programs too because they want to lose their weight. Rice is chosen by so many people in the world as the main carbohydrate every day because it can adapt with any flavor and also seasoning.


Rice has soft texture and also chewiness so it can be added with some other menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As we know white rice is not the only kind of rice that we can find in this world. In the world, we can find some different types of rice. Each of rice’s types will have different calories and nutrition facts too. White rice has different nutrition and calories when it is compared with some other kinds of rice. You need to choose one that is suitable for your body’s needs.

Nutrition Facts of White Rice

When we talk about white rice, we can find some facts of nutrition such as:

Calories: 242

Fat: 0.4g

Sodium: 0 Mg

Carbohydrate: 53,2g

Fiber: 0.6 g

Sugars: 0 g

Protein: 4.4 g

Nutrition facts of dry white parboiled rice with rices background

Facts of Carbs in White Rice

As it is said above, we find that in one cup of white rice, we get 53 grams of carbohydrate. We can only find a small amount of fiber in one cup of white rice. Rice is considered as the source of carbohydrate.


For all of you who suffer from diabetes, you better know how to reduce the consumption of white rice because it gives you more carbohydrates and more sugar too. You need to check again the portion size of the white rice that you eat every day.


How about fats in your white rice? Actually when it will depend on how to cook your white rice. For all of you who cook your white rice without adding oil and butter, you will find no fat in your white rice. It is also similar to the protein that we can find in the white rice. You will find 4 grams of protein in your white rice when you consume one cup of white rice in a day.

Benefits of Eating White Rice

After you know some nutrition facts about white rice, you also need to know some benefits that you will get when you consume white rice. There are some vitamins that you will get from your white rice such as B vitamin. B Vitamin in white rice has an important role in the carbohydrate metabolism system.


You can find magnesium too that is an important structural for your bones and assists hundreds of enzymes reactions and it will play an important role related to your DNA and other systems in your body. Manganese can be found in white rice too and it works as components of antioxidant enzymes that will assist carbohydrate and protein metabolism systems.


Some people recommend you to consume brown rice rather than white rice because some people claim that brown rice is healthier than white rice. Brown rice provides some vitamins higher than white rice. You can also find thiamin, magnesium, selenium, and some other fibers.


Risk Factors of Consume More White Rice

Actually, when you consume more white rice, you can get some risk factors. It is dangerous for you who suffer with diabetes to consume more rice because you can get some risk factors such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Large waistline
  • High fasting blood sugar
  • Low levels of good HDL cholesterol
  • High triglyceride levels


People who consume more white rice have higher risk of metabolic syndrome especially for people who are living in Asian countries. When we compare with brown rice, you will get more health benefits when you choose to consume brown rice. Brown rice is good to help in lowering blood pressure. It is effective to reduce the amount of fat in your blood. Brown rice is also good to reduce arterial stiffness for your body.

Arsenic Levels for White Rice

You can find some additional information related with white rice that are planted in certain countries. Rice grown in certain parts of the world may contaminate with arsenic. That is why you must be careful in choosing white rice that you consume every day. It is good to limit the consumption of white rice and then choose another kind of rice for your daily life.

What will you get when you consume white rice that contains high arsenic every day? White rice contained with high arsenic will increase some health problems such as increase the risk of cancer, heart diseases type 2, brain function problems and so many things.

Should You Eat White Rice?

For all of you who are interested in doing a diet program, you should not consume white rice. You can consult with a professional advisor and you can find the best carbohydrate to replace white rice in your daily life. Although there are some disadvantages that you can get when you consume white rice, there are some people that are recommended to consume white rice.


Pregnant women are recommended to consume white rice because they can get benefits from extra folate that can be found in easy way in white rice. People with a low fiber diet and adults should be careful in consuming white rice because they may experience heartburn and nausea after they consume white rice. It can cause heartburn because white is easy to digest and it will leave uncomfortable symptoms after you consume white rice.


You are free to decide whether you want to consume white rice or not. You have already known about nutritional facts about white rice and you can check whether you really need to consume white rice or not. It is good to consume white rice but you know the portion because white rice offers you high sugar that will give some health risks for your body when you consume it in big portions every day. If you still want to consume white rice in a big portion, what you need to do is doing exercises to burn your fat and calories. Now you already know more about carb in white rice.



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